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Hi, we are The Illustrated Mind, an independent t-shirt brand from Brighton in the UK. We love amazing illustrations printed on quality tees. If you do too then you are in the right place!

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Our homage to our new illustrated mind tee by @drewmillward . Don’t worry, we’re not at war with Sweden. #drewmillward #tshirts #illmind #johncarpenter #theillustratedmind

In this week’s edition of ‘Behind the Tees’ we go through the neckhole into Daisy Gam’s ‘Buckminster’ design… recently reprinted on white and grey marl the design celebrates legendary dome-owner Buckminster Fuller, here is the original artwork, pretty geodiSICK.

Been watching our own version of The Shining today. @tomtheeggeglington #Kubrick #stanleykubrick #tshirt #redrum


Super fun tee I designed for UK company The Illustrated Mind. This sucker has rainbow cotton speckles throughout. It sold out but I have this one for the archives.

Cool (try) tee we did with Ryan last year. We love his stuff + the evolution of his style. We hope to work do another tee with him again one day. 

MARSHALL by Daisy Gam.

Thought we would use the Tumblr to show you a little of the process we go through sometimes to get from idea to t-shirt. This one is probably the most meta design we have and will ever do; meta is soooo 2012. 

This design was part of our 2012 Spring/Aummer drop. As the brand is called The Illustrated Mind we really wanted to have a couple of ‘thinkers’ in the mix. Prior to the design we plumped for two (Marshll McLuhan / Buckminster Fuller) and went from there. 

That Facebook movie The social network had just come out (look) and the poster and the whole notion of facebook seemed to relate in some part to Marshalls famous line ‘The medium is the message’. Taking that as a subtle nod we got pencil genius Daisy Gam to HB the hell out of a mock-up we sent her. Then we printed that on a tee thus make a social comment on the notion of what you wear as a t-shirt always purveying some kind of message while referrring to a movie about social interaction thus making it the MOST meta t-shirt anyone will ever, ever do. Phew!

We also reprinted it later in a nice salmon colour.

You can buy it here -

High-School Satansim lunchtime club tee design from 2011 by James Rueben.

I’d read somewhere that in the nineties a bunch of High-school kids had formed an after-school club that worshipped Satan. They all ended up getting expelled as that kind of behaviour taking place on school premises was frowned upon for some reason. 

 This design is a play on that, plus at that time every plebian was wearing those owful collegiate style Super-dry t-shirts and this was our reaction against that. Hence the colour-choices. 

Loves this design of James’, everything from the burning churches to the text. Once again, one day maybe we will reprint this.

One of our first ever designs that we have been promising to reprint for three years now by the ever so awesome Bunny Bissoux. We should get round to it again really…

Sometimes. For whatever reason. Things don’t make it onto t-shirts. This was one of the first from almost three years ago. We just weren’t sure what dude might wear it. Sad really because we loved this idea by Jame Rueben ; he has been working with us ever since. 

Illustrated Mind

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